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            Yucheng City Kun Yang sugar Co., Ltd. is a leading bio engineering industry, is China's functional sugar city pillar enterprises, the company is located in Yucheng hi tech development zone. Founded in April 5, 2006, the company is a private limited liability company, the legal representative of Zhang Guixiang, the registered capital of 800 thousand yuan, the main production and sale of fructose syrup, oligo maltose, oligo maltose. The company covers an area of 15300 square meters, 126 employees, with fixed assets of 14 million 600 thousand yuan, of which 2 million 820 thousand yuan real estate, advanced sugar equipment set, worth 11 million 700 thousand yuan. The enterprise can produce 5000 tons of maltitol, xylitol isomaltoligosaccharide 3000 tons, 10000 tons, 8000 tons of high maltose sy...

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            CONTACT US

            Contact: manager zhang

            Phone: 18553495978

            Tel: 0534-2123696

            Email: 490766788@qq.com

            Add: Yucheng hi tech Development Zone, Shandong, China

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